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​Abdelali Kessas is from Fez, and a passionate photographer and designer. He has volunteered with the ALC-ALIF Community Service Club (2012) at the girls’ shelter in Ziat, Fez, and at the SMILE Caravan in Tanakoub and Chefchaouen (2013-2014) as an English and Arabic tutor, organizer, and fundraiser. Abdelali has also worked with Megumi Matsubara on a project called “La Chambre Rouge,” which explores the dreams of blind students in Fez, and with Ahmed Bennani on a project called “Transparency,” which is a combination of photography and abstract painting. Abdelali is a founding member of the ALC-ALIF Photography Club and has also worked as a freelance tutor and translator with the Fulbright researchers in Fez. He holds a B.A. in English Studies from Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Dhar Lmahraz in Fez.