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Maureen Shayne Khasandi is from Vihiga County in Western Kenya. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and certificates in First Aid, Water Sanitation, Health and Safety, Psychological Health, Financial Management, Community Led Development, Human Centered Design, and Asset Based Community Development. She has worked at the Ministry of Health, in Kenya. Her love for serving humanity was influenced by her parents who have always helped the needy, especially children. She is passionate about environmental conservation and gender equity and equality. She has volunteered in different parts of Vihiga and she is excited for the opportunity to be part of CorpsAfrica so that she can serve more people. Other than her love for service to the underprivileged, she is at CorpsAfrica/Kenya because of their amazing and unique approach to service, which insists on using community assets rather than outsourcing them, and also having the community select the terms of the project. This ensures that the community owns the project. Another excellent CorpsAfrica approach is utilizing the youth and their skills since they are the leaders of tomorrow. She strives to empower and touch the lives of the people she serves positively and leave a lasting impact.