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Communications Officer

Cherif Khoury is a producer, director, and photographer based in Senegal/Dakar. He is consultant with international production houses such as Make Waves Media, OffTheFence, WaterBear Network with whom he has just released his first film ”Mame Coumba Bang”. Cherif combines his love for domestic travel and filmmaking while telling stories and sharing perspectives of local communities through videos, journalistic vignettes, and short documentaries and photographs. Cherif received the Best Photographer Award 2019 awarded by the EU (European Union). Consultant to different organizations in Senegal Dakar, Mr. Cherif Khoury, works within CorpsAfrica/Senegal for six years. In fact, every year, he travels the country to capture important moments of the immersion of young CorpsAfrica Volunteers within the remote rural communities across the country. Through these travels, he became interested, as an artist, in the exemplary work of the women, particularly those of Néma Bah committed to the preservation of the mangrove. Nominated by the 35 International Photography Awards among the 10 best photographers of the Senegal in 2019, Mr. Khoury also won second prize in the WikiLoves Africa competition from Wikipedia to the Goethe Institute in Dakar as second best photographer, the same year. He also received the Prize for best Instagram photo in 2019, during a competition organized by the Delegation of the European Union to Senegal. DESCRIPTION OF THE EXHIBITION THEME: “Tides of Sweat”, through an artistic look, highlights the commitment of exceptional women, true fighters for the environment, who through their genius succeeded in preserving this ecosystem in an extraordinary way while basing it a real community economy.