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Bertha Khuwi is a patriotic Malawian, and a social development advocate passionate about bringing positive change to the world by making it a better place. Like most people, she has always lived in an increasingly culturally diverse environment which made her appreciate the similarities and differences among cultures and build long-lasting relations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations from Africa University. Before joining CorpsAfrica, Bertha worked with the Government of Malawi in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a Foreign Service Officer responsible for maintaining cordial diplomatic relations through initiation and facilitation of the development of policies and programs in support of regional integration, such as the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) for inclusive, sustainable economic and industrial transformation, cultural and educational exchange and attending diplomatic functions. Bertha also served as a dedicated volunteer with the Red Cross in 2017. Her journey with the organisation was both fulfilling and eye-opening and gave her a deeper appreciation for the resilience of communities and the importance of compassion in times of adversity. Bertha is a natural hair enthusiast who turned her passion for hair into a business and muse. A highlight of Bertha’s commitment to promoting good character and a healthier society was her participation as a guest at the mind education conference organized by the International Youth Fellowship (IYF).