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Cindy Stella



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Stella Kidera is a humanitarian at heart whose main aim is to make an impact in this world by helping to improve the quality of life of people in whatever capacity. She is a holder of a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from The University of Nairobi. Stella chose to volunteer with CorpsAfrica because of her heart for people. She wants to have a hand in emancipating her country Kenya from poverty. She loves people and finds great joy and satisfaction in giving of herself to serve others. She advocates for social justice to uses her voice to fight for the vulnerable in society through policy formulation and implementation. She has experience in running mentorship programs, production management in the creative industry, and social media management. Stella considers herself a student of life who enjoys learning to improve and become the best version of herself achieving both her personal and career goals. She is proactive and goal-oriented with the belief that she is not limited and will utilize every opportunity given to her and create opportunities for her to see through her passion to serve humanity by promoting sustainable development for not only her community and her country but also global scale. Stella is a free spirit and a social butterfly who enjoys socializing with people, reading, singing, traveling, and documenting her experiences and other people’s experiences through film.