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Country Director

Dr. Patricia Kingori-Mugendi serves as Director of CorpsAfrica/Kenya. She has over 20 years of core experience in managing group marketing and business affairs of various companies in diversified industries and has a solid understanding of various landscapes in East and Central Africa regions. She has worked in several local and multinational companies and tangibly contributed to their growth and development and gained skills that include inter alia, strategic management, overseeing financial and operational processes, public relations, media liaison, product development, as well as integrated marketing communications. She sits on several boards and was awarded the Head of State Commendation Award in 2022 for her contribution to the turn-around of the Kenya Meat Commission. She is passionate about social upliftment and is involved in mentorship and coaching programs focusing on inculcating future female leaders with requisite practical, personal, professional, and vocational skills for the real world.