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Country Director

Kelo joined CorpsAfrica as the Start-Up Director of the South Africa office in May 2024. She is a senior TEDxAmbassador for Sub-Saharan Africa and the curator and licensee for TEDxJohannesburg. She is a TED Fellow, TED Speaker, and 2018 Skoll World Forum Fellow. Kelo was co-host of TEDGlobal 2017. She is the founder of KuMo and Company, a speaker coaching and sourcing consultancy. She is also a co-founder of Peo Labs, an ag-tech accelerator focusing on women farmers in Southern Africa. Kelo has been working in the TED system since 2007 and as part of her work with TEDxJohannesburg, has coached more than 300 speakers for the TEDx stage, some of whom ended up giving talks at TED. She currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Check out one of Kelo’s TED Talks from December 2018: A Modern Future of Farming.