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​Speciose Kubwimana was born and raised in Rwanda. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Land Administration and Management from the Institute of Applied Science (INES Ruhengeri /Rwanda) as of 2018. She conducted her academic internship in Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority under the office of the Nyarugenge District Land Office. In this position, she learned how to become a good archivist, compiling land documents, customer care, and how to deal with the District land issue cases. Before joining CorpsAfrica, Speciose worked as a data collector for a USAID land project, where she worked on Access to the Land Tenure Administration System in Rwanda and the Impact of the System on Ordinary Citizens project. Speciose believes that serving as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer provides the opportunity for her to be part of the change she would like to see in her community.