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Silvester Henrick’s



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Silvester Henrick’s Kunkeyani is a graduate of Mzuzu University with a Bachelor’s degree in Water Resource Management and Development with a special focus on WASH and Environment Management. Prior to joining CorpsAfrica, Silvester served as a Research Assistant at Mzuzu University’s Centre of Excellence in Water and Sanitation from March 2017 to September 2017. Silvester has also served as a Team Leader for Freshwater Project International (FPI) an NGO working in the WASH sector. Silvester worked with a team from Drexel University to research the Assessment of Sustainability of WASH programs in Malawi with a special focus on how water quality monitoring is done on the district, regional, and national levels. He also served as the president of the Mzuzu University Anti-Corruption Group (MUAG). He was also actively involved in volunteering activities during his days at Mzuzu University and was among the first people that founded Mzuzu University United Nations Volunteer Scheme in 2015. He has a passion for community development with a special focus on WASH, agriculture, and environmental management.