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Tiyamike Makuluni holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from African Bible College. During her undergraduate years, Tiyamike researched “The Impact of Business Training on the Growth of Women-led Businesses in Lilongwe.” Her educational journey laid the foundation for her deep passion for empowering women and youth living in rural areas, inspiring them to harness their skills, talents, and abilities to foster community development through mentorship and coaching. Tiyamike’s dedication to her cause led her to volunteer at the Ministry of Hope, where she served as a program coordinator, overseeing various mentorship and feeding programs across Lilongwe and Dowa. In 2020 and 2021, she lent her expertise to the Youth Inspire Initiative, a platform focused on mentoring youths from diverse secondary schools and universities in entrepreneurship, academic excellence, and health awareness. Furthermore, Tiyamike actively contributed to Loving Arms Malawi, an organization that supports girls’ education in Nambuma, Dowa. Her involvement extended beyond education, as she dedicated her time to raising awareness about ending early marriages within the community, enabling girls to focus on their education. During her academic journey, Tiyamike interned at Life Ministry Malawi, where she collaborated with the Human Resource department to develop diverse programs, craft recruitment strategies, create onboarding packages, and coordinate training initiatives. In July 2023, Tiyamike volunteered as a translator for a United States-based team conducting a mobile clinic program called “Project Compassion” in various villages within Dowa. Her commitment to service and eagerness to learn from diverse experiences and people make her a perfect fit for CorpsAfrica. She sees CorpsAfrica as an opportunity to leave her comfort zone and continue her personal and community growth journey. Tiyamike is excited about the potential for positive impact through her involvement with CorpsAfrica.