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Moussa Mane was born in Thiès, a region located in central Senegal. He did all his humanities in this city. He attended Mbour 2 Elementary School from 2003 to 2009 where he obtained his elementary school leaving certificate (CFEE). He continued his middle school studies at Mbour 2 College from 2010 to 2013 where he graduated with the middle school leaving certificate (BFEM) and his baccalaureate at the private college Kocc Barma Promo-Educ in 2016. Passionate about social facts and local development, he attended the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis in Senegal and obtained his first degree in 2019 in Sociology of Family and Education and a master’s degree in Engineering in Local Development in 2023, specializing in Territorial Governance and Local Economic Development. He was the coordinator of the collective of delegates from Village G at the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis where he had to develop an annual program for the realization of certain micro-projects, among other things: the establishment of green space, the manufacturing of ecological benches, the electrification of the green space, the facilitation of the provision of television for the village TV room and the repair of the toilets of group 7 of Village G. He had to carry out all these projects during his reign and was a member of the collective of social delegates (CDS) of the UGB. His professional career is more related to local development with internships done at the Interprofessional Center for Training in Agricultural Professions (CIFA) in Ndiaye Mbérèss in the commune of Diama for a period of one month for documentation needs of his Master’s thesis. He completed a 3-month internship at the regional development agency (ARD) of Louga in the planning division where he participated in the territorial diagnosis of the municipal development plan (PDC) of Thieppe. He was an Assistant to the Coordinators of the 150 trainees of the PLASEPRI PASPED 2022 program in collaboration with the European Union, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, and the Regional Development Agencies of Senegal. It is a program to counter illegal migration through support for the Private Sector and job creation in Senegal. He is an alumnus of CorpsAfrica/Senegal. He served as a volunteer in Ziguinchor, more precisely in Kagnout, a village located in the Oussouye department. He is remotely facilitating a project to install fencing at the women’s market gardening block to revitalize their market gardening activities. Today, he is an exchange Volunteer at CorpsAfrica/Morocco to serve his community and participate in the development of his continent. This adventure will undoubtedly be an opportunity for him to acquire new experiences but also to sharpen his skills and knowledge in community development.