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Emmanuel Manishimwe was born and raised in Rwanda. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Rwanda’s College of Science and Technology (Class of 2020). Prior to joining CorpsAfrica, Emmanuel carried out an academic internship at LEAPER LAB and was part of the Space and Telecom Fellowship conducted there. He served as a Volunteer in Group 3 and extended his service in Group 4 with CorpsAfrica /Rwanda. Through skills and knowledge gained from training in HCD/ABCD, project design and management, and Facilitation. Emmanuel went on and used those skills to empower his community through mindset changing, self-reliance, and building a resilient community. Among the outstanding achievements through his service include his facilitation in designing and implementing a piggery farming project, a community-led project that was identified to tackle the issue of infertile soil, helping the community to address malnutrition by making nutritious kitchen gardens, addressing human security issues, and created community-saving schemes. Also, Emmanuel was tech savvy, he used his skills too, to help his community youth with digital literacy where created ICT that kept them with basic digital skills that they can use in their daily life and in job creation. Apart from that, he attended different trainings like Digital Access to Research by Research4Life in partnership with UN-Technology Bank for the Least Developed Countries hosted in September 2018 in Kigali. Emmanuel is interested in technology-based innovation, leadership, and community development activities.