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Volunteer Liaison

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Emmanuel Manishimwe is a passionate community-led development facilitator with two years of invaluable volunteer experience. His dedication revolves around catalyzing small-scale, high-impact projects that directly address the pressing needs of local communities. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Rwanda, Emmanuel leverages his technical skills to bring 21st-century opportunities to his homeland. Emmanuel plays a pivotal role in fostering community development with CorpsAfrica/Rwanda. He thrives on working collaboratively with communities, empowering them to turn their visions into reality. Over the past two years, he has honed his expertise in facilitating projects that not only fulfil vital community needs but also deliver tangible and measurable impact. Emmanuel’s journey towards community empowerment began with his involvement in projects led by DOT Rwanda. Through the Digital Skills for Business initiative, he actively empowers young women, especially those who own small, micro, and informal businesses. These entrepreneurs, many of whom have faced hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic, benefit from Emmanuel’s guidance as he equips them with essential digital business skills. His efforts enable them to enhance their ICT knowledge and leverage technology to strengthen their businesses. Emmanuel embodies values of faith, humility, and servant leadership in his professional life and beyond. When not immersed in community development, he finds inspiration in personal development and motivational literature, and he enjoys following football matches and engaging with thought-provoking documentary films. Emmanuel is poised to continue his journey in community-led project management. With his rich experience, he is set to make enduring contributions to community development and empowerment, not only in Rwanda but also in broader contexts.