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Jean De Dieu



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Jean de Dieu Manizabayo was born in Rwanda. He possesses an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Production and Manufacturing Technology, which he obtained from Rwanda Polytechnics IPRC Huye in the class of 2019. Throughout his academic journey, he gained practical experience through various internships across diverse industries and supplemented his knowledge with multiple training sessions to enhance his skills. He volunteered for 4 years at Youth Vision International/Rwanda, where he held the role of Northern Region Coordinator. Additionally, he actively participated as a member of Rwanda Youth Volunteers, engaging in a wide range of initiatives dedicated to addressing human security concerns. He also served as a Coordinator of the National Youth Council at the cellular level and later assumed the position of Secretary of the cell Advisory Committee. For approximately two years, he served as the Secretary of a Welding Cooperative. His aspiration is to make substantial contributions to the sustainable development of rural communities, with a particular focus on promoting good health among residents. To realize this vision, he initiated a small-scale vegetable cultivation project aimed at alleviating malnutrition issues, particularly among children under the age of five. Becoming a CorpsAfrica Volunteer is a pivotal step in his journey, enabling him to further expand his passion for community development and service, ultimately contributing to the betterment of the community he is dedicated to serving.