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Alumni Support Officer and Executive Assistant

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Funny Maseya is a graduate of Africa Bible University. While in university, she went interned with Children Alive Ministry CALM of Uganda where she taught primary school children life skills, music, dance, and Drama (MDD). Soon after her graduation in 2016, she started working with Ladder to Learning (Makwelero)where she taught language literacy to primary school children as a Volunteer. She was later promoted to Program Assistant and was responsible for organizing events and managing the library and resource Centre. She has also worked as an enumerator for various organizations and was involved in the National Identity registration campaign and worked as a Registration Officer for National IDs as well as Voter registration. As a CorpsAfrica Volunteer, Funny has served in two neighboring communities of Pezupezu and Thoza in the Mzimba district. During her service, she has worked on three projects: Kanyongola School Block Construction, SOLID Youth Club Project, and Go Girls Club Project. The Kanyongola School Block project aims at providing easy access to education to students who initially were unable to attend school. Having to walk for a distance of 12 km to reach the nearby school, most of the children failed to attend education and they would usually quit school. The school block will be the first school in the Kanyongola community and its surrounding villages and will enable 120 children to access early-grade education, which is an important foundation stage for a child’s education. Funny in partnership with a PeaceCorps volunteer, Fiona Rowles implemented the SOLID (Sustainable Opportunities for Leaders of Internal Development) Youth Club Project. The aim of this Club was to train and equip young people with business skills and community development skills. The group consisted of 30 young people; 15 females and 15 males. They have benefited by acquiring many skills like proposal writing. The two (Funny and Fiona) also worked in establishing a Go Girls club of 32 girls at Thoza primary school. The club’s goal was to encourage girls to stay in school and equip them with knowledge and life skills in thriving in school. After her service with CorpsAfrica, From October 2020 to June 2022, she worked with Plan International Organization where she worked as a Sponsorship Facilitator. Her experience with Plan International has enabled her to gain skills in sponsorship and community work management. Currently, she is serving in CorpsAfrica Rwanda as an exchange Volunteer from Malawi.