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M&E Officer

Immanuel Mbotela is the M&E Coordinator at CorpsAfrica/Kenya with a strong background in data analysis and business analytics. With a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics from Strathmore University, he has cultivated a deep appreciation of the importance of data driven decision making. Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Data Science and Analytics from the same university, he is committed to enhancing his expertise in the field of data. He brings on board four years of invaluable experience in data analytics, where he has honed his skills in extracting actionable insights from complex datasets in both private organizations and other NGOs in Kenya. Immanuel is passionate about providing organizations and communities with evidence based insights, assessing program effectiveness and measuring the impact of community led development projects. Ultimately, he believes that this will lead to meaningful change. With a comprehensive education foundation, hands-on experience and ongoing pursuit of advanced knowledge, Immanuel is keen on tackling complex challenges and delivering impactful monitoring and evaluation solutions.