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Said Mesrour was born in Erfoud, a small city in the south of Morocco. He graduated from the University of Molay Ismail in Meknes, where he enjoyed the study of English Language and Literature. Throughout his studies, Said participated in social justice work as a volunteer with nonprofit organizations in Morocco such as the Peace Corps, where he worked alongside Volunteers for over 5 years. Through this work, he tackled issues regarding access to health care, youth development, and leadership. He developed strong communication skills, a greater understanding of cultures (especially his own native culture), better self-organization, a richer understanding of service work, and improvement in his English-speaking abilities. Said also became a professional writer and learned more about project coordination. He is eager to become a great leader so he can develop his community and work with community members to solve problems, work on gender equality, and understand more about the cultures of the world around him. Said is very motivated, flexible, and self-directed. He brings a variety of experiences that contribute to his ability to be a strong independent worker as well as an adaptable team player.