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Jean Migambi was born in the Southern province of Rwanda. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English Education from the University of Rwanda. He was a teacher at GS APACE in 2015. Afterward, he became the Sales and Marketing Manager at 1000 Hills Distillery and was in charge of mobilization throughout the city of Kigali. He was a Sector Learning Facilitator at VSO Rwanda where he supported 300 English and Mathematic Primary Teachers, 30 Headteachers, 10 Sector Education Officers, and District Education Officers. Under the BLF Project, he supported the teachers and educators on Leadership for Learning, Teaching Methodology, and Inclusive Education in the Nyabihu district. He also worked at DOT Rwanda as a Community Leader and Business Coach in Ngororero District. While there, he received many certificates including Social Media Marketing, Internet Health, Environment Awareness, Community Development, Project Management, Business Plan, Landscape Assessment, and Business Plan, Team Management, Migambi was elected by His colleagues as Community Leaders President at DOT Rwanda. ​In 2016, he founded the project called Made in Rwanda Market, where he wanted to support low-income producers of Made in Rwanda Products, especially girls, women, and Young Entrepreneurs. During the project, he supported them to create a platform for exhibitions in order to help them to build their network sell their products, and make money. He also prepared different campaigns to promote Made in Rwanda in different areas of Rwanda. In the pandemic when COVID-19 stopped exhibitions, he supported 500 Made in Rwanda producers to promote their products as they made money to survive. He also trained them on how to use social media so that they can promote their products and make money. Migambi served as a CorpsAfrica/Rwanda Volunteer/Rwanda from November 2019 in the second group and his service was extended to the third group in the Gicumbi district where he is facilitating his community in different impactful activities. He is a trainer and mentor he works with different organizations in training and mentoring their beneficiaries. He believes in hard work and if social media is used well it can change the lives of many people. He likes giving back to the community as he believes that this country will be built by us, young people.