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​Aicha Mimouni is from Alnif in the Tinghir Region and her native language is Tamazight. She got her Baccalaureate degree in Alnif in 2012. After, she moved to Ouarzazate, where she continued her university studies and obtained a BA degree in English Studies: Communication and Pedagogy from the Faculty Poly-Disciplinary of Ouarzazate. Aisha likes investing her time doing social and volunteer work. She had participated in many projects with Peace Corps volunteers. She was also a tutor of Tamazight for some Peace Volunteers in Ouarzazate. She is a citizen journalist in Ouarzazate-Enews, a member of Fail Khair-Ouarzazate, and Nuabook Ambassadors. Nuabook Ambassadors is a website that encourages communication between citizens and parliament members from the Ouarzazate region.