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Khumbolawo Mkochi is a graduate of the University of Malawi with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media for Development. She is passionate about community development, aiming to help the less privileged attain growth, development, and sustainable livelihoods through her knowledge of media and community development strategies. As a feminist and a believer in equality of all forms, she has attained certification in feminist discourses awarded by The Gender Justice Unit (GJU) and Feministing While African. Among other qualifications, Khumbolawo has worked with the Arts and Global Health Centre (ArtGlo) in Zomba on a project aimed at addressing mental health stigma among the youth through the use of Art and served as a project leader. Apart from this, while in college she was the club treasurer for Chancellor College Leo Club. Throughout her time, the organization worked on planting trees as well as organizing fundraising activities that aimed at supporting orphanages and donating to medical causes like pediatric cancer. She has also served as Vice Chairperson for Youth Arise Network, Zomba chapter which focused on teaching entrepreneurial skills to the youth to attain economic development.