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Honorine Ndakwizeye



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Honorine Ndakwizeye Mpuhwe was born and raised in the Eastern province of Rwanda; she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Management from the University of Tourism Business (Class of 2021). She did research on cultural event contributions to MICE tourism in Rwanda. She also studied Computer Science in high school and holds an ICDL certificate. Before joining the university, she worked for AVSI Rwanda as a Social Assistant for 2 years, where she was in charge of following the day-to-day life of over 90 beneficiaries, in the Kageyo sector–Gatsibo District. The beneficiaries were very vulnerable and her work helped to change and improve their life from one level to another in education, health, and finances. She gained some experience and has been trained in problem-solving, mental health protection, and complete meal preparation. Apart from that, she volunteered to help with data entry in the Muhura sector, helping the office transfer all data from hard copies to digital files. Also, at different times, she volunteered in deputy members’ elections and presidential election campaigns. After joining the university, she started helping people, especially children from Rubabu through MHF, by providing basic needs collected from different people who were willing to help. Through CorpsAfrica she expects to reach and listen to a lot of vulnerable people, restore their hope, improve their mindset, and help them build their bright future. Because she believes that in every bad thing, there is a good thing and everyone has something to give. This life will always be tough for us, but we can start where we are, use what we have, and create a better history and a happy ending.