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Sifa Muhawenimana was born and raised in the Musanze district of the Northern Province of Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with honors, specializing in Software Engineering, from Ines Ruhengeri University in Rwanda. She is passionate about serving the community, especially by working with economically disadvantaged families to promote community development, drawing from her own background. Previously, Sifa worked for two years at H2K Supply Co. Ltd as a computer technician, where she was responsible for troubleshooting network issues and performing hardware maintenance on computers. She also completed a two-month internship at Gakenke District as an IT and Network Administrator. In addition, she volunteered during the COVID-19 pandemic and with the Ministry of Local Government, contributing to community support initiatives. Sifa also supported the university by assisting students in their final year dissertation projects related to computer science and other related fields. Now, she is eager and prepared to work with multidisciplinary teams to further community development through volunteerism with CorpsAfrica/Rwanda.