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Fabien Muhigirwa was born in Rwanda. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in agribusiness from the College of Agriculture, Animal Science, and Veterinary Medicine. Before joining CorpsAfrica, he served as an agriculture extensionist in Nyabihu district, under the Youth Engagement for Agriculture Networking initiative. In this role, he diligently imparted valuable agricultural practices to local farmers, including crop rotation, the utilization of carefully selected seeds, the application of organic and inorganic fertilizers, and efficient harvesting techniques. Furthermore, Fabien contributed his skills as a data enumerator in the Societal University Villages Initiatives, a project under the University of Rwanda that aimed to comprehensively assess the relationship between poverty and food security in the western province. He also gained practical experience as a marketing agent at Kenya Seeds Company Limited, where he played a pivotal role in educating and mobilizing farmers on the optimal use of the company’s top-quality seeds to enhance their agricultural production. To further enhance his expertise, Fabien completed the Food and Agricultural Organization’s E-learning academic program, earning three certificates. He places great value on his role as a global citizen and continuously engages in agricultural activities and extension services aimed at combatting hunger, poverty, and low agricultural productivity. His unwavering commitment to these causes is driven by a strong desire to uplift communities and improve their quality of life.