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Anaclet Muhire was born in the Northern province of Rwanda. He holds a B.Sc. in Horticulture Production from the University of Rwanda (Class of 2019). He completed a professional internship in agriculture in Israel where he was awarded a Diploma in Agriculture through Kinneret College of Israel for the period of 14 months. He volunteered with Red Cross in its blood donation program and continues to be a reliable blood donor since 2014. Anaclet has a passion to give back to his community, and he was a part of youth volunteers in his community where he facilitated, mobilized, and taught people the best practices to prevent & cope with the spread of COVID-19. He joined CorpsAfrica as a Volunteer and served in Rulindo District for 10 months. He facilitated and empowered local communities by working together in different activities and helping the community to be more resilient. In September 2022, Anaclet extended his service to serve in the fourth group of Volunteers in Rwanda, Still in Rulindo District.