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Beatrice Mukamurigo was born in Rwanda. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from ICK Kabgayi. Before joining CorpsAfrica, she held the position of a young researcher and served as an Urban and Urban Agriculture Assistant at the City of Kigali. Additionally, she co-founded the Green World Company Limited, a company dedicated to recycling plastics. She also served as a Coach at Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Rwanda. Beatrice prioritizes teamwork, innovation, and creativity. Her interests span various critical areas, including social protection, leadership, ecological sustainability, gender equality, and life-saving technologies. She actively engages in research and group projects, demonstrating her commitment to enhancing her community’s well-being. With her extensive experience in teamwork and a clear dedication to community service, Beatrice is a valuable asset for any research or project, regardless of the location. She is wholeheartedly focused on pursuing a fulfilling career dedicated to the betterment of communities.