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Pascaline Mukanyangezi was born and raised in Rwanda. She holds an advanced diploma in forestry resources management from Rwanda Polytechnics IPRC KITABI. She is passionate about serving as a community developer, project coordinator, and youth advocate. Pascaline worked as a student leader in gender roles and responsiveness, girl empowerment, and promoting equity and equality values. Pascaline served as a volunteer with CorpsAfrica Rwanda. During her tenure, she gained diverse skills from training in Human Centered Design (HCD) and Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), project design and management, and life skills. Through training 45 local leaders, Pascaline embarked on the task of changing the mindset of community members in using available resources to raise their plight and fight poverty in their area. This helped her to gain trust and build rapport with the community members. She created a savings scheme in her community that acted as a source of saving and borrowing to solve household problems and start income-generating activities such as rabbit farming, piggery farming, and manure farming. Pascaline built 125 kitchen gardens with her community to fight malnutrition and create jobs for community members. She promoted hygiene and sanitation during the COVID-19 pandemic by supplying 350 face masks, distributing 8 hand washing stations, and facilitating the rehabilitation of 8 houses, 6 bridges, and 58 toilets. With the support of CorpsAfrica, Pascaline took part in environmental conservation and protection by distributing 3 fruit species of avocado, passion fruits, and tomato trees. She also believes that serving others through volunteering changes people’s lives gives back to the community, and contributes to the country’s development. In the future, Pascaline aspires to start a project management career and continue using her skills and experience in community development.