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Lughano Munyenyembe is an influencer, a certified entrepreneur, and a Registered Nurse Midwife. She graduated from the Catholic University of Malawi in 2018. Due to her passion for young people, she co-founded Mthunzi Health Kiosk, an organization that engages secondary school leavers to serve their communities by checking the blood pressure and sugar levels of community members. The aim of this initiative is to combat idleness among young people and prevent them from engaging in life-threatening activities. It also helps to fight non-communicable diseases in the community. Lughano has industrialized her baking hobby and value-addition skills to help Malawian farmers sell and add value to their produce under the brand Mizu Foods. She joined CorpsAfrica to broaden her knowledge and skills in leadership and development for the betterment of herself, her community, and the country at large.