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Samuel Mwangi Waithira holds a Bachelor of Education Arts Second Class Honours (Upper Division) specializing in Geography & Kiswahili. In the past, he volunteered with St John Ambulance for four years where he offered first aid services and served humanity in different ways. During his service with St Johns Ambulance, Kisii University, he was elected as a sergeant whereby his main responsibility was to lead and organize a group of 35 members for one and a half years. He also served as a peer counselor at Kisii University from 2019- 2021 where he was equipped with counseling skills. He was exposed to responsibilities and tough decision-making at a young age after the demise of his parents. He believes small actions can have tremendous impacts and he is committed to serving others because for him to be where he is, very many people have given him different kinds of services. He is one of the gold awardees of the Presidential Award Kenya which was awarded by His Excellency President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta in February 2022. He is currently volunteering with CorpsAfrica/Kenya, where he spearheaded Asset-Based Community Development in Muselele Village, Kitui County.