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Chiukepo Mwenechanya holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Planning with special interests in Applied Geographic Information Systems and Research from the University of Malawi. Prior to joining CorpsAfrica, he co-founded and worked as an Associate Research Consultant-Project Manager for Research Insight for Learning (RIL), a professional research firm that helps individuals and institutions to build their capacities and capabilities, as well as their abilities to continuously learn, change and innovate through the provision of social-institutional development and management consulting services. Chiukepo has also worked as a Research Officer for the Centre for Health, Agriculture, Development Research and Consulting (CHAD). His drive to join CorpsAfrica lies in the urge to understand why rural communities in Malawi continue getting poorer despite the presence of huge development aid and the country’s efforts to improve its socio-economic conditions. Chiukepo believes CorpsAfrica will offer him a platform to understand sustainable community development and be among the drivers of change in the country.