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Raymond Mwesigye is the Director at CorpsAfrica/Uganda after serving as Deputy Director of CorpsAfrica/Rwanda for five years. He has over 20 years of teaching, lecturing, training, management, M&E and project management and implementation. He has worked on different USAID funded projects for over six years in the education sector. Raymond also worked as a local leader at the lowest unit (village) of administration in Rwandan local government a position that is purely volunteering. He has carried out consultancies in areas of development and designing curriculum and modules with SIPU, a Swedish international firm for Rwanda Association of Local Government Authorities funded by GIZ, Monitoring and Evaluation of VVOB programs in Rwanda as external evaluator. At the university, he headed the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Rwanda. Raymond has taught and lectured at the University level for over 13 years. He is undertaking a postgraduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from Uganda Management Institute and has an M.A Ed in Curriculum Design, Media and Instruction Studies.