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Communications Officer

She is an established writer, documentarist, performing artist, and storyteller who uses art to promote positive social change among young people. She has worked with organizations like the Sanyu Centre for Arts and Rights (SARI), which is an initiative using Artivism to advance socio-economic rights for young people. In addition, she has worked with organizations such as the Global Academy of SRHR, African Women’s Development Fund, Children’s Rights Violence Prevention Fund, FEMASIA, Zine, Akina Mama Wa Afrika, Luilye-Spain to produce compelling content in the form of articles, films, pictures, newsletters, and podcasts. For over fourteen years, she has been involved in community development work, advocacy, and communication actions among youth, women, and children on issues of economic justice, Education, Sexual Reproductive Health, livelihoods, HIV prevention, Arts and Culture, Human Trafficking, and social movement building in rural, slum, and refuge communities. She is passionate about empowering young people through visual and performing arts to improve their lives and communities. In addition, she published two novels: Remember Me and Centre One.