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Training Officer

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​Claude Ndayambaje is a Volunteer Liaison in Rwanda. He served as a CorpsAfrica/Rwanda Volunteer in Group 2. Claude holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Rwanda, class of 2019. He worked for the University of Rwanda Holdings Group Limited as an Enumerator (URHGL). He did a professional internship as an Associate Lawyer at 250StartUps/Rwanda and an academic internship at Huye Intermediate Court. Claude has volunteered to provide various legal aids to vulnerable people, and he has also attended various pieces of training and conferences, including training on fighting corruption (organized by the Rwanda Office of Ombudsman), training on leadership skills, training on International Humanitarian Law (organized by the Rwanda Red Cross (CRC), and training on project proposal, management, monitoring, and evaluation. Claude has also received training from 250STARUPS/Rwanda in product development, modern marketing methods, and company fundraising. ​Claude is self-motivated, vigilant, and adaptable to a variety of situations and circumstances. And he is open to new challenges and eager to learn and comprehend what can be done to make the world a better place than it is now. Claude feels that he was born to serve instead of being served by others. ​ Claude was born and raised in Rwanda, specifically in the Southern Province, of Nyanza District. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Rwanda/College of Arts and Social Sciences class 2019. He conducted his academic internship in Huye Intermediate Court which is located in Huye District. During his internship, he learned how to deal with different legal issues relating to the Rwandan legal framework. In addition to that, he conducted a professional internship at JUSTA CAUSA law firm. He voluntarily provided different legal aids for vulnerable people and also he has attended different pieces of training and conferences such as training on fighting against corruption (which was organized by the Rwanda Office of Ombudsman), training of leadership skills, training of International Humanitarian Law which was organized by Rwanda Red Cross (CRC). Claude believes that he was born to serve others not being served by others, so, for him there is no reason that can stop him from serving any community.