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Abdoulaye Bouna



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Abdoulaye Bouna Ndiaye (his real name) is a young Senegalese entrepreneur and student in Economics, with a degree in Banking and Insurance from Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar. He made his first professional step through an internship at the African Development Bank Group (Regional office of Dakar) as an assistant in disbursement for projects involving energy, agriculture, and public infrastructure. Before his Bachelor’s, he tried unsuccessfully to find professional experience in some companies. This experience pushed him to want to be independent, so he created his own concept: #1Student#1Entrepreneur, which creates and promotes small businesses in his community in order to create jobs and reduce poverty. His first achievement was the Restaurant LA PERGOLA in his own home, with 12 employees (7 housewives/5 students). Abdoulaye has been nominated by the US Embassy for the IVLP 2017 in Business-Entrepreneurship, for his efforts and willingness to do well for his community. He was selected also for the first session of YALI REGIONAL LEADERSHIP CENTER WEST AFRICA (DAKAR). All of these efforts led him to Washington DC for the Global Leadership Program where he represented his country and won third place in the Entrepreneurship Fair organized by the US Chamber of Commerce as an innovative social project. Abdoulaye is a Tae Kwon Do black belt and MMA (mixed martial art) fighter and he teaches young people self-defense and educates them through martial arts.