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Magatte Ndiaye, a native of Saint-Louis, is a 24-year-old young Senegalese who is a Land-Use Planning and Urban Management Engineer. In 2016, he obtained his baccalaureate in series G at the Lycée Technique André Pétavin in Saint-Louis. During the same year, he succeeded in the entrance examination to the Higher School of Applied Economics (ESEA ex ENEA) where he did his higher education by following a training based on alternating between theory and practice. This is what led him to carry out various internships in rural areas during which he had to coordinate teams for the development of various local planning documents. He was first in Louga, in the village of Boudi Sakho located in the commune of Nguer Malal, to coordinate the work of a group of student interns for the development of socio-economic, spatial, and social analysis reports. He coordinated the development of the Land Use and Development Plan for the municipality of Ngogom in 2018. Moreover, this is what allowed him to have a solid background in the field of local development. In addition to his professional experiences, he was President of the Green Club at Lycée Technique André Pétavin. He was also the President of the Association of Students and Trainees of the ESEA. Through these experiences, he was able to acquire a good mastery of the sense of responsibility, leadership, and teamwork, and participate in the implementation of actions aimed at improving the living conditions of the population. Today, Magatte Ndiaye is the Co-Founder of the consultancy firm, 3M Consulting, which is active in local development. To date, he has discovered a unique framework for learning and promoting African youth which is CorpsAfrica. Through volunteering, he now seeks to be accountable to his community. In view of the noble mission of CorpsAfrica, he is convinced that by investing himself entirely alongside them, he will be able to give a new dimension to his professional and personal career.