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Ousmane Ndiaye obtained his baccalaureate and was oriented at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences. After two years in this faculty, he dropped out to join the professional world. He first worked as a social worker in an association helping children in distress for six months. Then he evolved for four years in the Tourist Village of FESPOP de Louga as a cashier and sales manager. In January 2019, he resigned to focus definitively on entrepreneurship, an area in which he feels comfortable. During this time also had to work as a community relay at the time of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Then as a Spanish-speaking tourist guide, which allowed him to discover the interior of the country early. He also worked as an investigator in the account of LARTES / IFAN (Laboratory for Study and Research on Economic and Social Transformations) and was an Election Violence Monitor for six months with the Gorée Institute. He collaborated with the Kid’s Funny Birds Club in Marina Bay where he work during long and short holidays as a children’s instructor among others. He was trained by the school of scouting especially by its method of learning by action. He got involved early in volunteering and served many times mostly through scouting. He is also an instructor of the educational community and an educator pair on reproductive health and volunteers at the SOS Village of Louga as part of their family strengthening program. He joined CorpsAfrica because being a young person aware of the many problems linked to the development of our dear Senegal, he urgently needs to worry about solutions and participate actively from the bottom up. So his motivation to serve is to participate in the building of the development of our country but also to learn more in a practical way with communities and CorpsAfrica. Just to say, “Serve and serve”.