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Lauryn Ngalande is an enthusiastic and innovative young lady who recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work General at DMI St John The Baptist University in Mangochi. She is passionate about positively impacting rural communities with the youth. Through this passion, she has interned in people- and information-focused organisations, such as a caregiver at Samaritan Trust in Mpemba Blantyre, where she was looking after previous homeless children. From this experience, she conducted her thesis on assessing the roles of social workers in the adaptation and socialization of previously homeless children. She also worked as an intern at the Blantyre District Social Welfare Office as a Child Protection Officer. She worked closely with CBOs and CBSs concerning development in the communities. She also led a minor project that focused on providing financial assistance to underprivileged individuals in secondary and tertiary education, funded by MRA (Malawi Revenue Authority), where she gained leadership and listening skills. She loves reading, writing, and discovering new hobbies, which drives her passion for building a community of youths who are talented in different ways to create magic from their challenges and be as creative as they can be. She is a very optimistic individual who believes that when we do things we enjoy, we feel joy, fulfillment, and involvement because exploring new possibilities necessitates self-discovery, reflection, and a willingness to venture outside of our comfort zones. She Is confident that through her CorpsAfrica Volunteering service, she will develop her inner drive and tap into her inner resources and resilience, bringing herself forward with determination and a deep belief in her abilities.