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Hope Ngondo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in social work from DMI St John the Baptist University. She is passionate about helping children. Before joining CorpsAfrica, she volunteered as a social worker with St John Nutrition Center and Rehabilitation Unit in Mangochi. At the center, Hope worked with women who had children living with malnutrition, where she provided nutritional talks to reduce the cases of malnutrition. She also worked with OXFAM in 2021 as an enumerator in the COVID-19 vaccination baseline survey to determine people’s beliefs about the COVID-19 vaccine. Hope also worked with the Center for Social Concern in 2018 as a social work intern in the Social Conditions Research Program department. She conducted market surveys under the project Urban Basic Needs Basket (UBNB) to research the cost of living for people living in medium and high-density urban areas. In 2019, she volunteered at DMI Women’s World, educating women on sanitation issues. Through her experience, she observed that most rural communities suffer from nutritional poverty and lack essential opportunities, including information that leads them to make decisions that are harmful in the long term. This prompted her to join CorpsAfrica to become one of the people to bring solutions to her own country, and she believes this prepares her for a fruitful career.