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Mairame Niamadio was born in Dakar, in the commune of Yeumbeul Nord, and lives in the Kolda region. She graduated in Organizational and Business Communication from Gaston Berger University in Saint Louis in 2020. She completed multiple internships during her university studies in various structures such as the Pulman Teranga Hotel as a Receptionist, at the Dalal Diam Hospital as an Assistant to the Hospital’s Communication Officer, and at CorpsAfrica/Senegal as a Member of the Communications Team. Mairame is the Communications Officer of a prestigious private school called Groupe Scolaire Chérif limane Aïdara where she studied. She is also the President of a family GIE called Kissal, whose head office is in Kolda in the Saré Moussa district. The objective of the GIE is to create jobs in the fields of agriculture, education, breeding, training, transport, provision of services, and the strengthening the links of solidarity and mutual aid between the associate members. As a volunteer at CorpsAfrica/Senegal, she aims to serve her host community for their positive and sustainable development while learning from her community. CorpsAfrica/Senegal is an opportunity for Mairame to be indebted to her country by participating in its development as a Volunteer.