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Kardiatou Niang is originally from Matam and lives in Dakar with her parents. She has been a member of the Scouts Association of Senegal since 2007, which has allowed her to travel everywhere, make discoveries, and attend youth camps of different natures, whether in the context of the communication of business or the environment. She had the chance to do typical scout training, to be in charge of the communication of the scouts and scouts of Senegal within the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar known as the big chain. Khadijetou is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Communication and Politics, and she holds a degree in Journalism and Communication. She also completed a training course in Human Resources for 2 years. Khadijetou is passionate about the arts; judo, in particular, which she practices, and a lover of discoveries. Her integration into CorpsAfrica/Senegal as a Volunteer is a great honor and is the perfect opportunity for good participation in the development of her country. It is also an opportunity for her to learn from others because the greatest wealth is human.