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Nigussie Haile


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  • Ethiopia_G1-2023-2024
Mengesha Nigussie was born in Amhara region north shewa zone . Mengesha graduated from Arba Minch University of Ethiopia with an agricultural science and holds a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness and Value Chain Management in 2021. He has served as a National Volunteer in Ethiopia, worked on cleaning the environment, blood donations, cleaned the road, and school compound, and planted trees, helping the underserved community to encourage, and motivate the community. He has facilitated the 5th and 6th volunteer training programs at Jimma and Wolayta Sodo University respectively, to improve knowledge, skill, and capacity building involving life skills and leadership skills, civic rights and social virtue, fundamental of peace, Nation building, and social capital training. He has also facilitated the program of national volunteers in the Amhara region south Wollo zone. He has made a good relationship with the zone and woreda official person, planning the activity, monitoring, encouraging, and motivating the volunteers to help the community, and making zonal reports of the activity. His passion is for building sustainable development within the community. Now he is serving as 1st cohort volunteer at CropsAfrica in Ethiopia.