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Anka Christella



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Anka Christella Nikuze is a dedicated and driven professional hailing from Musanze, in the Northern Province of Rwanda. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Rural and Urban Development from the Institute Catholique de Kabgayi (ICK), graduating in the class of 2022. With a strong educational foundation and a fervent commitment to community development and urban planning, Anka Christella is poised to make a lasting impact in her field. During her academic journey, Anka Christella completed a transformative internship at Musanze District’s One Stop Centre. Here, she collaborated with diverse stakeholders, contributing to projects like the Rwanda Urban Development Project (RUDP) Phase 3 and working alongside NPD Ltd. Her tenure with the Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority in the Northern Province equipped her with invaluable skills in land administration information systems and land registration. Anka also worked with New Builders Ltd as a data collector, utilizing DGPS technology for community-based land readjustment and land replotting for physical planning. Anka’s commitment to professional development is evident through her extensive training. She has honed her expertise in WebGIS and ArcMap for field data collection and received specialized training in digital skills and problem-solving from Harambee Rwanda. Her passion lies in delivering exceptional service, especially in challenging environments. Her vision centers on the application of spatial technologies in urban planning and community development to drive sustainable growth and optimize land use. Her interests extend to community development and urban planning, where she aims to effect lasting change. She is resolutely focused on her future goals, including pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban Planning. She is determined to further her professional career and harness her skills and knowledge to serve those in need and uplift her community. Beyond her academic achievements, Anka Christella has actively served as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer in Rwanda, particularly in the Huye District. Here, she facilitated transformative activities and fostered mindset changes within her community. Her training in Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), coupled with her expertise in project design and management, enabled her to promote self-reliance and build resilient communities. Among her notable achievements during her service is the successful design and implementation of a Piggery Farming Project, a community-led initiative addressing infertile soil. She has also made strides in addressing malnutrition through the creation of nutritious kitchen gardens and addressing human security issues. Anka Christella’s unwavering commitment has led to the establishment of community-saving schemes, underlining her profound impact on remote communities. As she extends her service, she remains steadfast in her commitment to achieving more with CorpsAfrica, she looks forward to being a catalyst for community solutions and a beacon of hope for those she serves.