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Olive Niyobugingo was born and raised in Kamonyi district, Southern Province, Rwanda. In 2022, she successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in Food Sciences and Technology from the University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture and Food Sciences at Busogo campus. During her academic journey and beyond, Olive gained valuable experience through internships in various industry sectors such as the Rubaya tea factory and Alpha Bakery. She dedicated her time to working in the Rubaya tea factory, where she was involved in the processing line and also assisted with temporary duties such as tea processing and worked in the reception of green tea leaves as a clerk and analysis of green tea. Olive’s expertise extended to microbiology laboratory work, where she adeptly prepared culture media and analyzed microbiological results for food and beverage products. She holds the role of an accountant and secretary for the Presbyterian Students Association at UR-CAVM Busogo campus. Additionally, she honed her skills by attending career envisioning training on projects and innovation. Olive’s commitment to making a positive impact during challenging times was demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. She selflessly volunteered to educate and encourage people to adhere to safety guidelines. Olive firmly believes in the potential of empowered youth to transform their communities and the world. She envisions a future where her homeland prospers both economically and healthily. Her motto is “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and she remains dedicated to reaching new heights in her endeavors.