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Benie Niyodusingiza was born and raised in Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Institute Catholic de Kabgayi (ICK) and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Davis College/Akilah campus. Benie’s commitment to community development is evident through her volunteer work with the National Youth Council in the Muhanga district. She actively participated in various activities aimed at implementing government policies, such as building houses for the homeless, creating kitchen gardens, and educating women on balanced nutrition to combat malnutrition. She also gained experience as an assistant accountant at RW0550, where she honed her skills in budgeting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and stock control. Furthermore, Benie served as a teacher at La Merveille Nursery School, developing classroom management skills and pedagogical materials. Her passion for serving the community led her to work as a Digital Champion and Business Coach at Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Rwanda. In this role, she trained over 100 young entrepreneurs in business and digital skills, helping them apply these skills to their businesses. Benie’s commitment to gender equality is evident in her work as a Young Women Researcher at Digital Opportunity Trust Global, where she analyzed and promoted women’s inclusion in various activities on an international level. Benie is guided by the belief that empowering women benefits society as a whole. She served as a Consultant for the Impanuro Girls Initiative, teaching economic skills to 50 young women in the Ruhango district and assisting them in applying these skills to their lives. She emphasizes the importance of community collaboration, especially in rural areas, for sustainable development. She is currently working with CorpsAfrica, furthering her community service experience. In the future, Benie aspires to pursue additional education in community development studies and hopes to initiate a project addressing early pregnancy issues, particularly in rural areas of Rwanda.