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Marie Sylvie



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Marie Sylvie Niyomuhoza was born and raised in a southern province in Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education in science (Mathematics and Biology) from the University of Rwanda. After completing her university studies, Sylvie got an academic internship teaching Mathematics and Biology at the secondary level at G.S Bubazi-Imanzi. She later attended the Training of Peace and Values in Education at the Rukara campus. She served as a youth volunteer in the Kamonyi district in community mobilization for anti-COVID-19 measures and its vaccination. Sylvie also took part in the training organized by AEGIS Trust about Peace and Values in education (PVE) which was about Action for Sustainable Peace, Inclusion, Rights, and Equality (ASPIRE). She was also a data collector in Love and Hand Project where they trained youth to be job creators which made her a good innovator and creator. Sylvie has a passion for being a CorpsAfrica Volunteer to empower and serve the community by cooperating with them towards a positive deviancy. She believes the quote says that ” Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. ” Howard Zinn