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Erneste Niyoyita was born in Rwanda. He graduated from the University of Rwanda in the School of Agriculture Engineering with a Bachelor of Science honors in Soil Science in the class of 2018. After finishing his university studies, he completed a professional internship at RYAF (Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum), where he facilitated 30 local farmers in cassava and banana cultivation. He also worked with NAEB (National Agricultural and Export Development Board) in the distribution of inorganic fertilizer (NPK) to coffee farmers in Nyanza District to increase coffee production. Following that experience, he found a job working in the Reserve Force as a field technician, where he managed activities related to land rehabilitation through afforestation, radical, and progressive terraces on 1000 hectares with the aim of protecting the Muhazi lake catchment area. In addition, he controlled a tree nursery for agroforestry trees with 80,000 seedlings of different varieties. He also worked as a field observer at RAB (Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board), conducting research on increasing the resistance of Irish potatoes using chili tomatoes. Subsequently, he worked as a CorpsAfrica Green Supporter, where he was responsible for facilitating CorpsAfrica Volunteers in Gisagara District in establishing and managing tree nurseries and hosting 123,000 seedlings of different tree varieties. He also worked with local communities in building kitchen gardens and trained them on how to cultivate vegetables in a modern way to prevent child malnutrition and improve community livelihood toward sustainable development. Erneste believes that the greatest source of pride is in helping needy people without expecting anything in return.