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As a young man growing up in Malawi and having lived amongst some of the poorest, Joe Nkhula has witnessed the devastating impact of poverty on individuals, families, and the communities at large. As such, he is passionate about empowering the marginalised and helping them to unleash their potential. Thus, playing an active role in helping to lessen poverty’s overwhelming impact by working with marginalised communities to develop and implement lasting solutions. He has worked for different communities through the Malawi Red Cross Society as a volunteer and First-aider. He also worked as a Data Clerk for World Vision Malawi through the Global Fund Indoor Residual Spraying Project. Joe was one of the few presenters at Malawi’s ICT@50 TechFest. He was nominated for an ICT Association of Malawi Innovation Award and presented at its annual event. Joe was among the top three finalists in the country-wide TNM Smart Student Challenge Competition. He spearheaded the establishment of Mzati Scholarships by Students, an initiative that utilised strength in numbers by mobilising meager contributions from committed members to fulfill its aims. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from DMI St John the Baptist University, where he was awarded the Top Performer Award in his Department.