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Eric Nkorerimana was born and raised in Rwanda. He graduated from the University of Rwanda, College of Arts and Social Sciences (former National University of Rwanda) in History and Heritage Studies, class 2018. He attended the Global Leadership Summit and worked as a journalist on Radio Rwanda / Huye branch in the program of culture and raising awareness of disabled persons. This increased his communication skills and experience. In 2018, he volunteered at Bright Future Cornerstone. He also worked as a field facilitator in community digital skills delivery in Gisagara district as Digital Ambassador. He was recognized as a social innovator among DOT Youth’s daring innovators. He is a member of the YOULEAD movement of East Africa, an organization that works with politics and economic development. He works towards behavior change as a means for creating lasting impact in communities. According to him, doing small actions that remain in hearts and minds is more satisfying than any other thing in the world.