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Jean Nsengimana was born and raised in Gisagara District. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness from the University of Rwanda’s College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) in the class of 2022. During his academic journey, Jean undertook internships in diverse institutions, including Musanze District and HoReCo Ltd, where he honed his skills in conservation, farming foundations, and community collaboration. He also had the opportunity to attend the annual Agri-show, gaining insights into the latest developments in agriculture. Jean expanded his skill set through training from organizations like DOT (Digital Opportunity and Trust), where he acquired ICT skills, and NEVER AGAIN Rwanda, where he developed youth leadership skills. Additionally, he received training in business management skills from EYES Rwanda and learned how to operate Agro-processing machinery at RP, IPRC-KIGALI. Jean held leadership positions as the Executive Secretary (coordinator) of the Gisagara University Association Student (GUSA) in the Nyanza Sector, and he served as the chief of promotion for students participating in short courses at RP, IPRC-KIGALI. He was also a co-founder of the Gisagara Youth Empowerment Cooperative, emphasizing his commitment to community development. He believes in the transformative power of love, where the best love is one that makes you a better person without changing your true self.