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Innocent Nsengiyumva was born and raised in Ngororero district in western province of Rwanda. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication with focus on Communication from University of Rwanda in 2019. When he was at university, he worked as a journalist at for a period of one year. Innocent did his academic internship as a Public relation at Ngororero district office. After graduation, Innocent joined Rwanda Youth Volunteer in Community Policing (RYVPC) with the main responsibility of mobilization officer of RYVCP of Sovu sector/Ngororero district. As a volunteer, he focused on serving the community, fighting malnutrition and empowering youth. In November 2021, he was voted as vice coordinator of the National Youth Council (NYC) of Sovu sector and directly joined Sovu sector council. Also, worked as data manager of Sovu health center in Ngororero district. In additional, Innocent attended different set of trainings including Youth volunteer training provided by Corps Africa Rwanda on Human centered Design and Asset-Based Community Development., Never Again Rwanda training about Strengthening youth leaders’ participation in local governance and public policy process, MINUBUMWE’s training as INKOMEZAMIHIGO and African Youth leadership Forum’s training about Youth at the center of transformation. Innocent has a passion in serving and leadership