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Innocent Nsengiyumva was born and raised in Ngororero District in the western province of Rwanda. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication with a focus on Communication from the University of Rwanda in 2019. While at the university, he worked as a journalist at for a period of one year. Innocent completed his academic internship as a Public Relations officer at the Ngororero district office. After graduation, Innocent joined the Rwanda Youth Volunteer in Community Policing (RYVCP) with the main responsibility of a mobilization officer of RYVCP for the Sovu sector in Ngororero district. As a Volunteer, he concentrated on serving the community, combating malnutrition, and empowering youth. In November 2021, he was elected as the vice-coordinator of the National Youth Council (NYC) of the Sovu sector and directly became a member of the Sovu sector council. He also worked as a data manager at Sovu Health Center in the Ngororero district. In 2022, he joined CorpsAfrica, where he served as a volunteer in the Nyamagabe district, Musange sector, Masizi cell until May 2023. He was involved in various projects aimed at improving the community’s quality of life, including animal husbandry, water well Projects, community and school nursery beds, ICT classes, tailoring, and other initiatives. From May 2023 until August 2023, he relocated to Rusizi district, Butare sector, to work with LODA in facilitating the community of Butare sector in graduating from poverty by training them in how to leverage available assets and opportunities as well as initiate sustainable projects. During this period, Innocent and the Butare community initiated different savings groups with sustainable projects like apiculture and chicken rearing, among others. He also provided coaching to individuals regarding business and sustainable projects, resulting in a significant number of community members starting various businesses with his support. Innocent dedicated much of his time to serving the community, with a particular focus on empowering youth and women, and he is eager to create a resilient community capable of change. Due to his successful year in Nyamagabe and Rusizi Districts, he was extended for another year to continue serving the community in the Huye district, Mukura sector. In addition, Innocent attended various training programs, including the Youth Volunteer training provided by Corps Africa/Rwanda on Human-Centered Design and Asset-Based Community Development, Never Again Rwanda training on Strengthening Youth Leaders’ Participation in Local Governance and Public Policy Processes, MINUBUMWE’s training on INKOMEZAMIHIGO, and the African Youth Leadership Forum’s training on Youth at the Center of Transformation. Innocent is deeply passionate about serving and leadership.