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Christian Nshimiyimana was born on 19th, December 1997, in the southern province of Rwanda. In high school, he studied Mathematics, Economics, and Computer science at Gikonko Secondary School. Mr. Christian graduated from RP IPRC Kigali where he was certified with an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (IT). In 2021, Christian joined CorpsAfrica/Rwanda as a Volunteer with the aim of giving his hand in supporting the development of disadvantaged communities with two powerful community development approaches; Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and Human-Centered Design (HCD) and enough skills in Monitoring and Evaluation. During his service under CorpsAfrica/Rwanda, Christian served at Musanze district and facilitated socio-economic, and health activities at his side, he implemented sewing and handcrafts training center project which created different jobs for the population and 160 population benefited from the project directly in a period of 10 months and the project has a long period of equipping community members with technical skills in sewing and handcrafts. In 2022, he sustained community development work as an exchange volunteer in Morocco under CorpsAfrica/Morocco where he learned more about community-led development and got trained by different development partners in Morocco. He worked at Safi Universal Link the leading mobility company in Rwanda, where he was responsible for troubleshooting a variety of technical issues for staff, assisting with server maintenance, installing a wide range of equipment, replacing parts as required, conducting electrical safety checks on computer equipment, and monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks, he assisted in the development and rollout of new department practices, and served the whole institution with any kind of IT support they needed.