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Vestine Ntirenganya was born and raised in the Nyamagabe District. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agroforestry from the University of Rwanda’s College of Agriculture Animals Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, class of 2021. During her studies at the University, she was an active member of the RUCCB club (Rwandan University Club for Conservation of Biodiversity) which is in charge of enhancing the conservation of wildlife and the environment). She got the award for a second project analysis which was implemented in the Agriculture sector of boosting milk production where she prepared cattle feed blocks. Vestine carried out her academic internship at the Rwanda Forestry Authority (RFA). She volunteered with Never Again Rwanda (NAR) and also worked as a Rwanda Youth Volunteer in Community Policing. She attended the Rwandan Youth Connect Awards in 2019 as well as participated in a professional internship at Kwigira Management and Environment where she assisted in recording data, installing of tree nursery, and plantation, and harvesting the forest. She believes that giving back to the community is a pathway to realizing her dreams.